Code Enforcement

The mission of the Code Enforcement Department is to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.  The department helps maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and ordinances.  Code Enforcement also works with residents, neighborhood associations, public services agencies and other City departments to:

  • Facilitate voluntary compliance with City laws and codes.
  • Establish community priorities for enforcement programs.

Code Inspector Comments

Sprintime is here!

The birds are chirping, the bugs are singing, and the grass is... growing.

Overgrown grass is one of the most common violations in the city. Code of Ordinance 8-101 and 8-102 state that is unlawful to have weeds/grass in excess of twelve inches (12") growing on any property. Excess growth of weeds or grass allows rodents and vermin to harbor, mosquitos to breed, and can be a fire hazard during the summmeritme. 

Having an excess growth of weeds or grass on your property can result in a violation. If a violation is established, you will receive an abatement letter giving you 10 days to correct the violation. If it is not corrected within the 10-day time period it could result in a $265.00 citation.

Another common violation is junk and trash on a property. Junk can include, but is not limited to, old furniture, appliances, car parts, scrap metal, piles of old wood, trash, old lawn mowers, etc. Code of Ordinance 8-102 and 8-302 address these issues.

Having an accumulation of junk or trash can harbor rodents and vermin, allow mosquitos to breed, and in some cases, be a fire hazard. It can also be a potential danger to the general public if children or pets have access to items (such as an old appliance or inoperable vehicle) that could potentially fall on them or trap them inside.

If a violation is established, you will receive an abatement notice giving you 10 days to correct the violation. If it is not corrected within the 10-day time period, it will result in a $265.00 citation.

Lets keep these violations from happening and help keep Idabel beautiful!

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If you have any questions, you can contact the code officer at 580-286-7608.

Code Enforcement

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