The Sanitation Department works hard to accommodate the residential house hold and commercial trash. On a daily basis we dispatch trucks to service home and commercial accounts through out the City of Idabel. We also send out a crew to pick up recyclable items at certain locations, we have two dedicated recycle location's that you can drop of items like plastics and cardboard at the Idabel Dollar General parking lot at 1500 Southeast Washington and behind the Idabel Fire Department at 209 South Central. We also send out roadside crews for clean up, please contact the Sanitation Department to notify us of any problem areas and we will take care of those as quickly as possible.

Residential Trash Route Residential Trash Route
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Residential Sanitation

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The Idabel Sanitation department supplies each residential water customer with one 95 gallon poly cart, this is a once a week service at a rate of $13.00 per month if a second poly cart is needed it is an additional fee of & $8.00 per month.

In order to provide efficient service to all residents of Idabel, it is important for the residents to place their poly carts at the curb or next to the street in front of the residence as close to the road as possible, on your day of pick up please make sure you poly cart is ready for pick up at 6:00 am that day and you must remove the poly cart by 6:00 pm of the same day.

Residential Truck 1
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Please do not put oil, hazardous chemicals or building material (bricks, concrete, boards, sheet rock, rocks or dirt, etc.) into poly carts. If your 95 gallon poly cart is not large enough for your needs please contact the Water Department for further options.

Commercial Sanitation

The Idabel Sanitation department also provides two yard and three yard dumpsters for commercial purposes, these dumpsters can be dumped at a schedule that fits your requirements for your business. You may schedule your service once per week, twice per week, three times per week or all five regular business days. Call City Hall for information at 580-286-5631 or email.

Roll Off Boxes

We offer a Roll Off Rental Service.

Rolloff Truck 1
Rolloff Truck  2

We will need to evaluate the area for overhead limbs and power lines where the box is going to be set, for it takes an adequate amount of space to set a roll off box.

The prices are listed below:

  • 10 Yd Roll Off box: $150 per dump with a 2 ton limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 2 tons.
  • 20 Yd Roll Off box: $250 per dump with a 4 ton limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 4 tons.
  • 30 Yd Roll Off box: $350 per dump with a 7 ton limit, overweight fee of $50 per ton over 7 tons.

Dumpster filled to rim only.

Payment must be made in advance, contracts are available at City Hall.  Your rental is based upon 14 days from the date the container is dropped off.  Contact the Water Department with any questions: 580-286-5631

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Idabel Landfill


The Idabel Landfill is located off of South Seminole Street, approximately two (2) miles south of the City of Idabel.  It is specifically in the South ½ of the Northeast ¼ and the North ½ of the SE ¼ of Section 13, Township 8 South, Range 23 East, in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. The address is City of Idabel Landfill, 3023 Seminole Road, Idabel, OK 74745.

Total Permitted Area of the Landfill is 44.47 acres, the active portion of the Landfill that is Composite lined is 8.1 Acres.The operational hours for the Landfill is 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday.

Speed Limits & Scale Ramp Rules

  • Speed Limits:  The speed limit at the landfill is 20 MPH.  There is heavy equipment operating on the same roads the public uses.  Please use caution.
  • Scale House:  Customers are asked to approach the scale house and enter the scale SLOWLY. After entering the scales wait in vehicle for scale operator to give the signal to proceed.  Sudden starts and stops on the scale could cause damage and will not be tolerated.
  • Stop signs:  Stop signs and other signs directing traffic must be obeyed.
  • Secured Loads:  Be advised that all loads are subject to inspection at any time.  All vehicles must have secured loads that prevent any leakage or littering. If your load is unsecured the load will be rejected.
  • Departure:  Tailgates and beds must be lowered and shut in the dump site before traveling on the roads.  Follow scale house procedures for weighing out.
  • Conduct:  All persons entering the landfill will follow all instructions by landfill personnel and must follow landfill policies and posted rules for their own safety.  Any person and/or persons refusing to follow all landfill rules, speed limits, policies and instructions will be suspended from the premises and the use of the landfill until further notice.  Factors contributing to suspension can include, but are not limited to an individual being discourteous, disrespectful or disruptive, driving recklessly, or not abiding by Agency rules and guidelines.
  • Stuck Vehicles:  Should a vehicle become stuck in the working area of the landfill, the driver may request a landfill operator for assistance.  The driver is responsible for any damage resulting from the tow.  The driver will be responsible for hooking their vehicle to landfill equipment with their own chain or recovery strap.
  • Acceptable Material for Disposal:  The landfill does not take items that are classified as Hazardous Wastes, Toxic Wastes, Liquid Waste Oils, PCB's, Bio-Med Wastes, Radioactives, Burn Barrels, Mixed Class I and Class III or Other Unacceptable Wastes as determined by our management. Violators will be required to pay for clean-up and /or transportation to a State and/or Federal Regulated facility.

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Sanitation Department

Sanitation Manager
Tony Hill (580) 212-6844


Assitant Supervisor

1203 W. Lincoln
Idabel, OK 74745

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F

Phone: 580-286-6844

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