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    Mayor’s Mission, Vision and Values Statement




The City of Idabel will operate in a manner comprising of Mission, Vision and Shared (Core) Values Statements so that every elected official, public employee and Idabel resident understands the expectations of each entity and is assured that City leadership will operate with transparency, accountability and integrity with a united goal to Move Idabel Forward.

Mission Statement

I pledge to the citizens of Idabel that I will move Idabel forward to the best of my ability. My overall goal is to create a better quality of life citywide. I will work tirelessly with Idabel Industrial Authority, The Idabel Chamber of Commerce, The Idabel Main street, County Commissioners and local Businesses in order to bring economic growth back to the City of Idabel. My Administration will be marked with transparency, honesty and communication. Most importantly, I will always be available to the citizens of Idabel whether voting for me or not, rest assured Mayor Young works for you. If there is a problem, I want to know about it so it can be dealt with in a timely manner by the appropriate department. I pledge to be proactive, rather than reactive whenever possible. I want to bring cost savings to our small city that will create a difference for all who call Idabel home. Thank you to all who have placed trust in me and remember, "We are better together" and I will not let you down.

Vision Statement

As public officials and stewards of the City of Idabel, Idabel leadership will work collaboratively across all business units to create optimum efficiency, decrease wasteful spending, ensure public safety, and display in our service a value for the residents we serve.

Ten (10) Shared Values

We recognize that all elected officials and public employees of the City of Idabel are commissioned with a responsibility by taxpaying residents to operate assets within a specific area of responsibility that is most beneficial for the majority of residents concerned. .

Proper two-way communication is necessary for the governing of the public good. 

The City of Idabel will enhance a sense of safety by working across the business units of Police, Fire and Emergency Management to serve one cogent philosophy of safety and emergency response under one operational command. 

Decisions within the City will not be made unilaterally, each elected and public official will operate within a committee and request input from colleagues and residents from such committee, public, or established sounding board, that would help come to a consensus decision whenever possible.

All City officials and employees will operate in a manner that is personally above reproach and will treat people well, and will be Fair, Firm and Equal. There will be no favoritism or partiality to one entity over another. Consequently, we will manage in a way that residents will be able to see that we operate with credibility and not partiality.

Continuous Improvement
We will operate in a manner that we will never be satisfied with the status quo, but will seek to personally and collectively enhance our skills and best business practices that would set us apart and enhance public value and trust while propelling Idabel forward.

Diversity & Inclusion
We seek to balance our leadership in a way that guards against “group think.” The more a group or organization is monolithic in affiliation, the more we tend to think the same and become trapped. When we afford others that are different and harness a cross section of various talent pool, the more we come out of our “comfort zones” to collectively think and develop on a higher, more challenging level. 

The City of Idabel will not be a place where we use our positions for our personal ego or selfish motives. All City officials will be called upon to be a leader and mentor of others who will operate in a manner where we “serve” our constituents.  We will also seek to identify and mentor our younger generation and youth so that they will be prepared to take on the leadership challenges of tomorrow.

 Residents First 
All City officials are to operate with a purpose that the residents’ concerns come first. Are the residents or customer always right? The answer is, “no, the resident or customer is not always right.” However, we must always remember that they ARE the resident/or customer. As such, they should be treated as tax-paying customers as they are. We serve them. They do not serve us.

Growth & Development
All public officials are responsible for their own personal growth and development and are expected to become more knowledgeable and useful in their areas of stewardship through academic courses, best business practices and the like, so that we can be the most optimal stewards of public assets to the residents we serve.


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Craig Young

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